18.1.2006 - The salmon upstream migration season in 2005 was a big success

The salmon upstream migration season in 2005 was a big success. The season of upstream migration in the autumn and winter of 2005 was an important milestone for North Rhine / Westphalia. In all, around 250 salmon were registered in Sieg, Agger, Wupper and Dhünn waters, having come up river to spawn. For technical reasons only a certain proportion of the fish can be registered. So the actual numbers of migrating fish might, according to some estimates, be closer to 500. A notable percentage of the salmon were tagged, and so could be clearly identified as belonging to particular stock groups of the resettlement project. We are waiting with bated breath to see if these parent salmon now succeed in naturally reproducing themselves. After the spawning season in November and December, a new generation of young will emerge from the spawning trenches on the riverbed in May.
Under the auspices of the NRW Migratory Fish Scheme the population density of young salmon is registered on a regular basis, so as to monitor the success of the resettlement project. The positive results recorded in the spring of 2004 and 2005 give grounds for optimism.

9.10.2005 - Record salmon presence found on the Sieg

The upstream migratory season of 2005 has been going well so far. Altogether some 160 salmon migrating upriver in order to spawn have been registered in NRW. Of these, 50 fish were tagged and so can be identified as belonging to a specific stock group. The fish are caught at the Sieg, Agger and Dhünn control stations, which came up with totals of 130, 13 and 14 salmon respectively.
Upstream migration will probably go on into December. We wait in excited anticipation for the final result. The intermediate position at any rate (especially in relation to other Rhine tributaries) presents a positive picture. The fish spawn in the rivers from November to December.


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