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  • With the Wasserlauf Foundation we hope to make an objective and scientifically well-grounded contribution to the conservation of waterways. We would like to see a higher value put, in socio-economic terms, on ecologically intact bodies of water, and aim to encourage a fair balancing out of the various different human interest groups focusing on the natural resource that our waterways represent.
  • In relation to our supporters, we present regular accounts of the work of the Foundation, showing our use of funds in complete detail and in a transparent and perspicuous way.
  • We also warmly invite all our supporters, as valued partners, to get actively involved, to let us have their suggestions and to take advantage of the Foundation’s special offers.
  • The Foundation maintains a partnership-based and inviting attitude to all social groups that are interested in water issues and wish to become involved. The aim of the Foundation is to bring about open and friendly communications between all the interest groups that are affected.


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