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  As a publicly recognised foundation under civil law, the Watercourse Foundation pursues exclusively charitable and above all useful aims. The legal form it has chosen not only brings with it a high measure of credibility and confidence – it also entails the required financial security and continuity in the political sphere. For only on this basis can we ensure that we really do justice to the various different interests and interest groups of the Foundation (Nature-lovers, those in search of recreation, anglers, water sports enthusiasts and specialists).

From the time when it was first set up, the Foundation has been committed to promoting the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the bodies of water in North Rhine Westphalia, and so ensuring the long term presence of a natural fish population with as many different species as possible. The coming together of the greatest possible number of supporters gives us the assurance that we are pursuing shared aims – and that we will actually be able to achieve them.

In addition to this, the establishment of a Foundation offers financial benefits to every single donor and sponsor, as in view of the public support the Foundation receives they can – depending on the amount they have given – in some cases qualify for considerable long-term tax benefits.
We will be happy to let you have a copy of our information leaflet “Tax Benefits for Donors”, or if you have personal detailed questions we can put you in touch with tax experts with experience of advising on foundation law. You are welcome to contact Dr Frank Molls at our office directly.

Order information sheet “Benefits for Donors”


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