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  The aim of the Wasserlauf Foundation is to continue to work with all parties involved on the development of bodies of water in NRW, under the auspices of the already effective cooperative network of the NRW Migratory Fish Scheme. This has brought together the local water associations, the water authorities of municipalities and local governments, the Landesanstalt für Ökologie (LÖBF) [Federal State Ecological Institute], the Landesumweltamt (LUA) [Federal State Environmental Authority], the Staatlichen Umweltämter (StUÄ) [National Environmental Authorities] and the fisheries associations and cooperatives, all of which have proved to be effective partners in the project sharing common goals.

The main aims of the Foundation are as follows:
  1. making the waterways passable (both upstream and downstream),

  2. the structural improvement of the water bodies, upgrading of the meadows and of the entire catchment area, and

  3. protecting the quality of the water.
As model projects under these three heads, the following may be mentioned by way of example:
For 1. Measures to make the River Sieg passable
For 2: Renaturing project on the Rivers Sülz, Dhünn and Eifelrur
For 3: River Bröl pilot study for the rehabilitation of salmon spawning waters


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