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  Just for 50 euros you can become the “godparent” of 200 salmon alevins, so supporting the long-term and biologically sustainable resettlement of the salmon as the “king” of the sea. Measuring 5 to 6 cm in length, the salmon young are put out into the water on selected stretches or NRW’s waterways, and one or two years later they will start their downstream migration to the sea.

As godparent you can play a direct part in the development of the fish:
  • If you wish, you can attend a demonstration stocking (on the Rivers Sieg, Wupper, Dhünn or Eifelrur), and see how the fish are released into the river.

  • What is more, you will be sent a report on the survival of the young fish (based on result monitoring procedures carried out in the autumn), telling you about the number of salmon that migrate back to the sea as smolt in the following year.

Becoming a smolt godparent gives you even closer contact. For 100 euros you can become the godparent of 100 marked one-year-old salmon – now smolt and ready to migrate downstream. Here again, as a godparent, you will be kept posted on an ongoing basis about the life of “your” young salmon:
  • Information about the marking codes of “your” 100 young salmon
  • If you wish, you can take part in an on-site demonstration stocking
  • Reports on the progress of the subsequent downstream migration of the smolt.
  • You will then be told about the return rates of the adult salmon that return from the sea after one or two years. With a bit of luck, you will be notified that one or more of “your” salmon have come back and have been recognised on the basis of their tags.
Your personal contribution as a godparent will help establish the Wasserlauf Foundation in its work. In the establishment phase of the Foundation the cost of the release of the fish you sponsor to the wild will in the first instance only be covered by project funds from the NRW Migratory Fish Scheme. This means that you will be making a contribution to laying long-term foundations for a biologically enlightened and sustainable species protection project.

Naturally when you become a godparent you will receive a valid receipt for your donation, or if you prefer, a confirmation that you have made an additional endowment.

Become a godparent


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