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  Here you can find a listing of the friends and supporters of the Wasserlauf Foundation. All citizens who take an interest in our waterways are warmly invited to assist the Foundation to become established and to take advantage of all that it offers. If you have any questions on the work of the Foundation or about possible ways of becoming involved, please contact our business offices.

Founding donors
The Rheinischer Fischereiverband von 1880 e.V. Bonn [Rhine Fisheries Association of 1880, Reg. Soc., Bonn] acted as the founding donor in setting up the Wasserlauf Foundation. The Foundation was set up in consultation with the Federal State Ministry for the Environment (MUNLV), the Federal State Ecological Institute (LÖBF), the NRW Fisheries Association and other partners of the NRW Migratory Fish Scheme.

Friends of the Foundation
The Friends of the Foundation help the Wasserlauf Foundation to become established by making regular contributions.
List of the Friends of the Foundation

Donors and contributors of additional endowments
The establishment of the Wasserlauf Foundation is assisted by donations linked to specific objects and additional endowments from its friends and supporters.
List of donors and contributors of additional endowments

Godparents support the establishment of the Wasserlauf Foundation and take part in its scheme for releasing young salmon into the wild.
List of godparents

Symbolic migratory fish “shares” are another way of helping the Wasserlauf Foundation to become established. These ornamental shares for all eleven different species of migratory fish symbolise the conscious realisation of the value of the natural water resources of our region.
List of shareholders


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