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  You can help to establish the work of the Wasserlauf Foundation by purchasing migratory fish "shares" and so ensuring the future of our migratory fish species and their river habitat. Just for 50 euros you can acquire a share, and so make an important contribution to the Wasserlauf Foundation and its work. For 550 euros you can get a complete set of shares for all the species of migratory fish. The shares are decorative in appearance, and will be personally made out in your name or the name of your organisation. They are a nice eyecatcher to hang on the wall, and are also suitable as gifts or charitable donations to friends or business partners.

Healthy flowing water is our natural capital. Both as the foundation for human life and as supplying an area for recreation, and as the ecological lifeblood of our landscape, intact waterways are a fundamental natural resource.
By investing in our symbolic “migratory fish shares” you are contributing to the sustainable wellbeing of this capital of “healthy waterways on your doorstep” through the work of the Wasserlauf Foundation.

The 11 species of migratory fish that travel back and forth between the sea and the rivers of NRW symbolise the global interlinking of all bodies of water, and so supply an analogy for the holistic approach to environmental and natural conservation. At the same time the salmon, coming from Greenland waters, and eels from the Sargasso sea stand for a bit of wilderness and link our region to primeval natural origins.

Of course you will receive a valid receipt for your donation, or if you prefer, a confirmation that you have made an additional endowment.

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